The poly choke is not original or a factory option. It was added at a later date. Personally, since this is more or less a family piece, I would keep it as a keepsake in some manner. Even if it means it has to go to a cousin, uncle, etc. I believe a family piece should be just that, a family piece.
Free resources for gun owners of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming - Classifieds, gun talk, concealed carry advice, shooting maps, reloading help, gun shop reviews, and more.
Log in. Settings. Donate. About Wikipedia. The mass of a shotgun slug is kept within SAAMI pressure limits for shot loads in any given shotgun shell load design. Slugs are designed to pass safely through open chokes and should never be fired through tight (or unknown) barrels.
May 13, 2008 · Advise on use of poly-choke. I am familiar with only one design of a "poly-choke". Ifthis is what you have on your shot gun,you can screw the choke collar completely off the assembly, revealing a tulip like, multi-finger contraption that seves as the adustable choke restrictor.
26" barrel with a factory installed poly choke. Believe it or not, this gun is unfired; at least it certainly looks unfired..not a mark on the face of the bolt!! Description: SALE PENDING J C Higgins (High Standard) model 583.24, 16 gauge bolt action shotgun. 26" barrel with a factory installed poly choke.
ProMag SAIGA Semi Auto Shotgun Drum Magazine 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Shells Only 20 Roun... ProMag SAIGA Semi Auto Shotgun Drum Magazine 12 Ga... Our Low Price $119.97
Great looking & fully adjustable from Xtra-Full to Reverse choke #2, and all settings in between. Fits Saiga-12 and Vepr-12 factory threaded barrel. The average shooter will use 4 Different degrees of choke:
Wonder how to shoot perfectly with AK-47? Or maybe how the bullets fly from Negev? DMarket prepared an article for you to find out how bullets fly when clamping with weapons and how to compensate recoil properly.
Back to Small Appliances and Power Tools Repair FAQ Table of Contents. Appliance Troubleshooting SAFETY Appliances run on either AC line power or batteries. In the latter case, there is little danger to you except possibly from burns due to short circuits and heating effect or irritation from the caustic chemicals from old leaky batteries.
Following. Cool Guns / Shotguns. Go To. Fitting for the Vietnam War setting, it's used by Houston Brooks in Kong: Skull Island for personal protection. A heavily modified version with a selectable choke and fed by a box magazine is usable in Killing Floor, where it is called the HSG-1.
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  • Text for S.3254 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020
  • Most of us know the Poly Choke II is 3 parts, the base or fingers, the spring steel clip that allows for positive click adjustments and the tip. There is even a thread where someone cut a tip in half and welded a break to it. This got me thinking. Why not a whole new replacement tip?
  • The early Poly-Choke had to be. machined onto the shotgun or put on by a gunsmith, but once installed on the barrel, it could be adjusted simply In addition to these traditional choke settings, the Poly-Choke II offers in-between settings to refine and improve your accuracy and success, actually...

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Text for H.R.5717 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

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Use the Poly-Choke for quick change from game to different game. Check out our new website at or give us a call at 920-929-0667. For over 80 years in brush, blind, and sporting ranges, Poly-Choke® has been the leader in adjustable shotgun chokes. Nine settings at your fingertips to give you the right pattern ...

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The original model produced from 1947-1948. It had a plain one-piece pistol grip stock. The gun was distributed with two choke tubes (modified and full), which mount by screwing to the outside of the barrel, as opposed to the inside, like the Remington 870 or other modern shotguns. The shotgun was shipped with a wrench for removing the choke tubes.

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Brownells Gun Tech Steve Ostrem fills us in on some of the very basics of Shotgun Choke tubes. Easily change your pattern for different set-ups. The "Decoy" setting is similar to an improved This time on Gun Physics we check out an old Poly-Choke and see if it does what it's supposed to.

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Nov 07, 2011 · I recently inherited my Father's 12-gauge Remington 58 Sportsman shotgun. It has a Polychoke Delux on it. Other than it being ugly as sin, I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to adjust it so that the fingers in the choke have the right constriction.

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A shotgun choke is a device in the muzzle of the shotgun barrel that shapes and/or constricts how the shot spreads as it leaves the barrel. Interchangeable chokes screw into the barrel, but you must match the thread pitch on the choke to the thread pitch on the barrel. They are not a universal thread...

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Sep 22, 2008 · the gun is fine, the barrel is fine, the poly choke is the only question. i had one when steel shot first was mandated. i shot lots of steel shot through the poly choke (i'm assuming this is what is on the gun) i never shot over BB sized shot out of it and you will need to pattern it on paper in each setting, starting at imp cyl. to see if it works on the shell you decide on.

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Shop for Low Price How To Make A Shotgun Shoot Good And Shooting A Shotgun With No Choke .

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How Shotgun Chokes Work. At the most basic level, a choke constricts the lead (or lead alternative) shot as it exits the barrel of the shotgun. The tighter your choke, the further your pattern will travel so if you're shooting high pheasants, your choke requirements would be very different to shooting...

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Installation video of the Poly-Choke II shotgun choke. Available from Poly-Choke LLC at I bought a Ted Williams shotgun with an adjustable choke. I think it's a Vari-Choke, similar to the more common Poly Choke.

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Winchester Mdl 97 12 ga SN:609862 Pump action take down shotgun with exposed hammer. Blued finish, walnut smooth semi pistol grip stock with hard plastic butt plate, and with grooved pump handle, 19" barrel with Poly Choke added, good bore and action. CPump action take down shotgun with exposed hammer.

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4. Shotguns 133 Gauges and bores. Shot sizes Chokes and patterns Shotgun selection Recoil Variable chokes Barrel lengths. 5. Rimfires 171 Evaluating rimfires for survival use Ammunition Reviews of rimfire rifles and handguns. 6.

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PC10 Poly Choke 16Ga Outer Sleeve Only NOS .74" Inside Diameter Shotgun Part PC10 Poly Choke 16Ga Outer Sleeve Only NOS .74" Inside Diameter Shotgun Part *No Collet* Choke Settings: Slug, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, Full, & Extra Full. All items included are pictured above. This list

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For those of you who haven't reached the graying stage in your life yet, the Poly Choke is a single unit attached to the end of the barrel. It has six choke settings and you just twist it to the one you like — easy and fast.

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Understanding screw in shotgun chokes, just the basics. All shotguns are patterned at 40 yards with the exception of the .410 bore ... This video shows the adjustable Poly-Choke II with door breaching spikes. The choke performs great in my testing. I'll try to get a ...

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JEBS High Voltage Extended Rem Choke 12 Gauge Mid to Long Range Choke Tube 0.690... JEBS High Voltage Extended Rem Choke 12 Gauge Mid ...

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Use a caliper (if you don't have one they are rather inexpensive) and measure the choke then compare it to the following chart: Browning wasn't the only manufacturer that used asterisks and numbers instead of simply labeling the barrel with the na...

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Along with playing with the Poly-Choke when patterning copper-plated lead shot for turkey hunting, we tried various screw-in chokes, using the Bismuth and Hevi-Shot. Both guns definitely preferred more open chokes, patterning best with constrictions of no more than 0.015 inches. Right now I only have three 20-gauge shotguns, and mostly use two.

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Shotgun Choke and Shot String. Types of Chokes. Shot String at Various Distances. Choosing the Proper Choke. Matching Choke to Your Quarry. Patterning Your Shotgun. The Patterning Procedure.

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Get the best deal on Polymer Multi-Function Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable 200/125/65 Lumen Personal Lights at Order the Night Stick Polymer Multi-Function Tactical Flashlight Rechargeable 200/125/65 Lumen Yellow online and save.

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A shotgun with a single choke setting cannot be adjusted by the user. Poly ChokeYes, set choke to cylinder.Yes, you can use slugs in a poly choke gun i have a mossberg new haven model and i use slugs in it all the time just make shure that you open the choke up to mod. or im cyl or just the most...

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Poly-Choke - Shotgun Choke Supply.

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+1 to Derby and Yote about the pistol grip. A upland/waterfowl shotgun when mounted properly will shoot where your looking-no need for sights/pistol grip c**p-will just slow you down. As far as choke you will need to pattern the gun with different loads. In general I would go with the tightest choke possible for coyotes.

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May 01, 2010 · The ultimate screw-in choke tube for waterfowl, wing, and clay. Unique design lets you change settings without tools--just turn the collar and click into position. Nine patterns from cylinder to XX full. Accepts all waterfowl loads. I saw this in the Bass Pro Catalog and was wondering if anyone here has used it

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Slots molded into the polymer base have a 40- and 30-degree angle for knives and a 12.5-degree scissor setting. A groove running the length of the stone is for sharpening pointed objects like darts, awls and fishhooks while a channel on the flipside allows for a benchstone-type set up.

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Stevens Ranger 16 ga. shotgun (As-Is) Lefever Arms Co. Nitro Special double barrel shotgun w/ geese engravings London Fine Twist muzzle loading double barrel shotgun w/ rabbit ear hammers Belgium Laminated in.The Interchangeable in. double barrel shotgun w/ rabbit ear hammers J.C. Higgins model 583.23 12 ga. bolt action shotgun w/ poly choke

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The shotgun wound to the head was the cause of Katie Phillips' death. Dr. Claudia Coleman, an expert in the field of forensic psychology, testified at trial that defendant suffered from a chronic anxiety disorder, had a low average intelligence, and had experienced a violent upbringing.

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Feb 08, 2020 · Westernfield 12 Ga. Pump, 26” V.R. Barrel w/Poly for auction. Choke & Sling, S/N C26461, Book 2-337

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Explore newest on Thingiverse. Thingiverse is a universe of things. BMW ajtó kárpit betét hez bmw feliratu betét amihez modositani kel a kárpit betétet

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Understanding shotgun how Choke tubes work. Choke tubes are essentially short lengths of steel that thread into the barrel's muzzle and taper or constrict the shot as it exits the barrel. Setting Up Your Shotgun For Sporting Clays. Sporting clays is a refreshing change from the predictability of skeet and...

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Understanding screw in shotgun chokes, just the basics. All shotguns are patterned at 40 yards with the exception of the .410 bore ... This video shows the adjustable Poly-Choke II with door breaching spikes. The choke performs great in my testing. I'll try to get a ...

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Apr 24, 2014 · In Part 1 of this series, I updated my 1920s vintage Browning A5 with the Browning Speed-feed capability for faster and smoother reloads and cycling, and I added some magazine capacity in the form of a Nordic Components MXT tube extension for a 9 +1 total capacity.

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Brother Bob’s Poly-choked 870 Remington 3.5-inch thunder musket has on occasion laid the toms low as far out as 50 yards when stuffed with 2.25 ounces of Grex-buffered copper plated No. 5 lead.
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Aug 28, 2009 · And if you wanted a Permanent Rifled Choke with 8 Other Settings you could get a Poly-Choke Adjustable Shotgun Choke (3-5 day Turnaround): Winchester Mdl 97 12 ga SN:609862 Pump action take down shotgun with exposed hammer. Blued finish, walnut smooth semi pistol grip stock with hard plastic butt plate, and with grooved pump handle, 19" barrel with Poly Choke added, good bore and action. CPump action take down shotgun with exposed hammer.

Feb 19, 2012 · A poly choke was a luxury and close to the price of buying a second shotgun . You could buy an economy pump for around $ 60.oo back then. In the 50's , 16 gauges were predicted to replace 12 gauges , that never happened because the 3 inch 20 gauge came along . The one I shot was a Poly-choked Remington Model 11 16 ga.